Discover the perfect balance between elegance and comfort in our selection of pants and skirts. We present a diverse and exquisite collection of tailored pants, leather skirts, leather pants, and sweatpants.


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Tailored Pants

Try our luxurious tailored Jacquette pants in silky Italian wool, featuring a unique classic cut and elegant design.


Leather Skirts

Add a touch of raw elegance to your look with our leather skirts from byCIKIC. Made of soft lambskin, these skirts adapt to your body, providing a comfortable and fantastic feel. Available in black and cognac.


Leather Pants

Our leather pants have an elegant fit with a high waist at the front and highlighted seams from top to bottom. They offer a sophisticated look suitable for various occasions.



Exclusive design meets casual comfort in our delightful sweatpants collection. Made of high-quality heavyweight jersey material, they maintain their shape and are comfortable to wear. With a high waist and two asymmetrical side pockets, they exude a feminine look. Pair them with high heels, sneakers, or boots.


With our byCIKIC design of pants and skirts, we aim to offer you an opportunity to create your very own individual style. Always with high quality, exclusive design, and thoughtfulness. It's a long-term investment.