With byCIKIC's dress designs, you enter a world where inspiration is drawn from both feminine Southern style and Scandinavian minimalism. We use luxurious materials such as silk and Italian wool to create dresses in a classy style with attention to detail.

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Silk Dresses

Our silk dress is crafted with care to celebrate the extraordinary and luxurious. It's the perfect choice for a special festive occasion or a fine dinner.


Dresses in Italian Wool

byCIKIC offers several dresses designed in Italian wool with elastane, including the Leone, Celia, and Cipriani dresses. The fine Italian wool is of silky soft quality, chosen with great care for its special qualities and beautiful expression.

Our byCIKIC dresses in Italian wool, such as the Leone and Celia dresses, come in an oversized fit with a matching belt, offering numerous styling possibilities. They feature a minimalist and classic design that can be paired with different jewelry, scarves, heels, or boots.

The Cipriani dress has a more fitted silhouette, providing a feminine shape while ensuring high comfort due to the choice of materials.


Nora and Francine Dresses

Explore our Nora and Francine dresses, both boasting an elegant and sophisticated look suitable for the perfect evening dress. With a cardigan or blazer, they can be dressed down for a business meeting.

They both have special details. The Nora dress features a front V-neck, elegant short sleeves, and a wide back cutout. The dress has a tailored fit with a touch of elegance. Our Francine dress has a V-neck on the back and beautiful details on the sleeves.


At byCIKIC, our mission is to offer women exclusive dresses that radiate understated luxury and timeless beauty.

Explore our collection of dresses, suitable for both festive occasions and business, combining elegance with comfort.

Our dresses are created to emphasize each woman's unique personality.