The materials



Our wool products come from Italy and are of particularly exclusive quality. Wool/Cool Wool is excellent at regulating the body's temperature in both cold and hot weather, as it can insulate against extreme cold as well as heat.

The fine and luxurious material has a range of beneficial properties. It is sweat-absorbent and provides optimal conditions for the body to breathe. Its naturally high lanolin content repels odors produced through sweat. Lanolin also has the positive effect of making wool stain-resistant.

Wool provides greater protection against UV rays compared to materials like cotton or synthetics. If you have allergies, wool is a good choice to wear. Its strong, elastic fibers ensure it is not static and therefore does not attract dust.

With wool, you get a long-lasting quality product that does not wrinkle or lose its shape over time.

Wool is self-cleaning. Often, simply airing it out is sufficient. If a small stain appears on your wool product, it can usually be brushed away with a clothes brush. If your clothing becomes wrinkled, it is easy to smooth out by hanging it up.

If wool products need cleaning, they should not be put in the washing machine but should be taken for dry cleaning.



Our cashmere is among the best in the world. It is produced in Italy from the finest fibers sourced from Mongolia. The wool comes from a specific breed of goats (Capra Hircus Langier) that live in the mountains under highly fluctuating temperature conditions. These fluctuations cause the goats to develop the fine, dense undercoat used for cashmere products.

Cashmere is primarily characterized by its incredible softness. Additionally, it has a unique ability to regulate temperature, which means you won't sweat or feel cold in cashmere. Lastly, cashmere can last a long time if treated correctly.

Cashmere is self-cleaning and should only be washed when necessary. Often, airing it out is sufficient. If washing is required, it can be done using the wool cycle in the washing machine or by hand with water under 30 degrees Celsius and without wringing out the water (only gentle squeezing). We recommend using the wool program in the washing machine for our cashmere sweaters. Use wool detergent but avoid fabric softener.

Our cashmere sweaters are produced in Italy by a small family-owned company that has been manufacturing cashmere for over 40 years.



Our leather goods are made of exceptionally soft lambskin. As soon as you touch it, you can tell that the quality is exquisite. The quality is further characterized by the skin being both supple and durable. It adapts to your body with use and actually improves with age. The products are chrome-tanned with biodegradable chemicals, considering the environment. The tanning process makes the leather more resistant to water and dirt.

Leather products should not be washed in a washing machine as it dries out the leather and shortens its lifespan. Hang your products out to air if they need it, and if there are any stains, it is recommended to send them for professional leather cleaning. To take extra care of your leather, occasional application of leather conditioner further protects it from water and dirt.


Other Materials

We also use other materials for some dresses/pants/tops. These are high-quality materials that have been tested for harmful substances (toxic chemicals).