With byCIKIC's designs in tops and jackets, you get a unique combination of quality and feminine style. Dive into our collection and discover pieces carefully crafted to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience.

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Our blazer in Italian wool is one of our unique signature designs, embodying exclusivity and elegance. With an oversized look and high slits on both sides, it offers a comfortable fit. The timeless and refined design makes it an investment for a lifetime.


Cashmere Sweater

Indulge yourself with the luxury of a 100% Italian cashmere sweater in an elegant byCIKIC design. The high quality of cashmere exudes class and style while offering temperature-regulating and self-cleaning properties.


Leather Jackets

Experience our byCIKIC design of the classic leather jacket that never goes out of style. Notice the understated style with black buttons and a sharp cut. Made from the softest lambskin, it provides a comfortable fit.



Discover our sweatshirt, combining casual comfort with sophisticated design. Made of carefully selected high-quality heavyweight jersey material, it seamlessly blends style with comfort.



Try our delightful hoodie, crafted, like our sweatshirt, from the best materials in the form of heavyweight jersey material. We focus on sharp aesthetics, high comfort, and functionality.


With our beautiful collection of tops and jackets, we aim to offer you a unique opportunity to combine elegant style with comfort and functionality. For example, pair a hoodie or sweatshirt with our sweatpants for a cool set.